VAT registration

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VAT registration process

VAT registration process in Latvia is rather straightforward. Normally, EU VAT number is obtained within 5-10 business days after filing application. In some cases, Tax Office might request supporting information in order to approve VAT registration, such as invoices, proforma invoices, contracts, etc. Requests for additional information do not occur often. 

However, a lot of businessmen prefer to purchase a shelf company with registered VAT, so they could start business operations as soon as possible

VAT Rates in Latvia

 Standard inland rate 21% Reduced inland rate 12%  EU intra-trading 0% 

Register for VAT in Latvia

If you need EU VAT number for your business, here are the options you may choose from:

If you need EU VAT number for your business, here are the options you may choose from:

Buy Shelf Latvian Ltd. + EU VAT Set up new Latvian Ltd. & register for VAT  Register non-Latvian company for VAT 

The company and EU VAT number are already registered for you to have a quick start. Shelf companies have no trading history and share capital is fully paid up.
Timeframes: 3-5 business days for transfer after receipt of documents


With our help, you may choose to register your company from a scratch and apply for VAT registration.

Timeframes: 3-5 business days for registration after receipt of documents. 5-10 business days for VAT registration.


Not only Latvian companies can be registered for VAT. It is possible to obtain EU VAT in Latvia also for entities not residing in Latvia.
Timeframes: 10-14 business days for VAT registration after receipt of documents.


Take advantage of IBCC First Stop Advice – consult with us first on any of the above options.

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When do you register for VAT?


Any legal entity, branch office, partnership or individuals engaged in trading activities have rights to apply for VAT registration.


Here are few cases when any legal entity (or person) must register for VAT: 

  • the turnover for the previous year has exceeded EUR 50,000;
  • purchases of goods made in the EU reaches EUR 10,000.

A legal entity (or a person) of another EU Member State must register for VAT in Latvia, if:

  • goods that are subject to excise duty in Latvia get delivered to a non-taxable person;
  • goods are delivered to a non-taxable person and delivery is proceeded with installation works in Latvia;
  • transportation and related services provided to a non-taxable person;
  • services related to real estate to any person in Latvia.

What is required for VAT registration?

  • VAT application form (based on client’s information, prepared by IBCC)
  • Power of attorney for VAT application submition (prepared by IBCC)
  • Copy of company’s registration certificate

What happens after VAT registration?

VAT matters are complex and require proper planning. After VAT registration, IBCC will assist you with: 

  • VAT transactions tax planning in accordance with Latvian VAT Law and EU VAT Directive
  • Preparing supporting documentation
  • Finding the most efficient solution for EU and non-EU cross border sales 
  • Filing VAT declarations and VAT related reports