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23 August, 2015


Merchant account

Through IBCC’s network of European banks, we are able to assist you with the setting up of offshore merchant accounts, which includes opening a merchant account in your EU company’s name with an EU based acquiring bank.

03 July, 2015


Summer offer: Latvian SIA with VAT

Take advantage of fast transfer of the ready-made company in EU with valid EU VAT number. IBCC offer all inclusive company packages for a quick start of business.

13 January, 2015


Share capital interesting arithmetic

On January 1st 2014 Latvia entered Euro-zone. Thus standard share capital of Latvian Limited Liability companies (SIA) features various changes: up until July 1st 2013 standard share capital was expressed in Latvian Lats and was LVL 2,000 starting from July 1st 2013 shareholders started denoting shares in Euro between July 1st 2013 and December 31st 2013 limited companies were registered with...

13 January, 2015


Latvia – a Great Alternative to Cyprus!

Cyprus is great, but Latvia is much better! Latvia, a member of the European Union since 2004, strictly observes limitations concerning offshore or low-tax countries in the form of a so-called “black list”. However, if we look at Latvia from an Eastern perspective, it can actually be considered an offshore. Lately, information and media sources in Russia and elsewhere use this concept when...

13 January, 2015


Where can I open a bank account these days?

We all heard about exciting opportunities for opening accounts with respectable banks in the UK and the Netherlands. The internet is full of bank introduction proposals. Agents give promises. Colleagues and business associates claim that they easily opened accounts at Barclays and HSBC. Your business profile: You’ve started your international business now and not five years ago, like your friend....